My Favorite Things

趣味のなんでもコレクション  ラジオから流れてきた、どこかで聞き覚えのあるメロディ、なじみ深い作品や目新しい印象的な楽章など…


- I assume (that) .

- It's generally / commonly / safely etc. assumed (that) .

- It's mistakenly/incorrectly/erroneously/implicitly/tacitly assumed (that) .

- Rebel forces have assumed control of the capital.

- …, it's worth asking whether anything might stop the trend of companies assuming more and more debt on their balance sheets. (Bloomberg, 2015)

- … how the CIA covertly assumed control of the investigation and corrupted it. (American Thinker, Jun 6, 2016)

- Students must assume their own healthcare costs and buy their own equipment.

- When the Obama administration assumed office in 2009, federal debt held by the public was 40% of gross national product. (Investor's Business Daily, 2016)

- The Seattle-based company will pay about $15 million and 12.7 million shares and assume 400,000 employee options. (Seattle Times, 2004)

- The god assumes a human form. (John Ruskin, 19世紀の批評家)

- This matter has assumed considerable importance.

- He assumed an air of concern. (=pretended)

- He ducked his head and assumed a submissive position then watched out of the corner of his eyes as his assailant turned and stared. (Phillip Margolin, The Associate, 2001)