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Level 11

参考: レベル11 視野を広げる英単語(アルクのレベル別語彙リスト)


acronym [ǽkrənɪm]

ASCII, NATO, NASAなど頭文字から作られて一つの単語のように読む語


adamant [ǽdəmənt] (意思が)強固な、頑なな

» adamantly

- We are adamantly opposed to packaging or handling charges. (some online stores' shipping policy)


apocalypse [əpάːkəlɪps] n 世の末、大災害/啓示〔特にキリスト教やユダヤ教の啓示書〕


clientele [klàɪəntél] (集合的に)顧客


clinch vt 1釘の頭を曲げて固定する 2決着 - to clinch a victory / a deal 3しっかり掴む、(とっ)組み合う、抱き合う 

n 1(特にボクサーの)組み合い 2しっかり固定するもの



covert 秘密裏⇔ overt


curtail [kɜrtéil] 《正式》中断する/短縮する/削減する
to cut short or limit something
- The lecture was curtailed by the fire alarm going off. (Oxf)
- …she is very conscious of the growing pressure across Europe to curtail the use of antibiotics due to concerns about resistance and its implications for human medicine. (farminglife.com)


dire 1《正式》〔限定用法〕非常に深刻 2《英俗》〔叙述用法〕非常に良くない - We are neither helpless nor hopeless in this dire state, and just as we can strive to… (Mary Laredo, Whole Body Detox, NaturalNews.com)


empathy [+ with/for/between感情移入共感

When Bill Clinton famously told people "I feel your pain" during his 1992 election campaign, some praised and others ridiculed him (……) If you can empathize with someone, it's because you have been in their place: you've "walked a mile in their shoes," as the saying goes.

sympathy = sym(=with) + pathy(=pathos=feelling)

emparhy = em(=in) + pathy

(empathy - Dictionary Definition : Vocabulary.com)

- Several of the studies also showed young chickens were capable of both empathy and showing self-control,(GeoBeats News, Chickens are Smarter than Toddlers)


- Exacerbating the problem caused by lack of exercise is the constant onslaught of toxins from processed, denatured food and exposure to environmental pollutants. (Mary Laredo, Whole Body Detox, 2008)

exacerbate 《正式》悪化させる

onslaught 〔可算/通常、単数形〕1(特に戦争での)激しい攻撃 2(悪いことの)突然の始まり


illicit adj 道徳や法律にする - Bribery is the practice of offering something (usually money) in order to gain an illicit advantage


impede 邪魔する、らせる


imposition 押しつけること、強制、課すこと、賦課、簡単に済まない労役・仕事・厚かましい頼み事


impromptu n adj adv 即興(の・に)、わせの


incite v =provoke, stimulate, stir up, urge, spur


knack こつ要領才覚


lurch vi く、つまづくなどして意図せず動く =stagger 2動揺する〔突然の恐怖や興奮で心臓や胃が踊る〕/n (ふいに前や横に)勢い良く動いて倒れそうになること

- …as the stock market can lurch up or down on a whim. (Vocaburaly.com)


mitigate vi vt 和らぐ、緩和する


nimble (動作や頭脳が)俊敏な、素早い、軽やかな、覚えの速い

- We need to do more to prepare our workforce to be more nimble and flexible. (New York Times, Sep, 2016)


nominal n《文法》名詞、名詞相当語句 adj 1名ばかりの 2《文法》名詞の


- Surcharge added to offset contribution to SF Health Care Security Ordinance. (A newspapeer headline)

ordinance (市町村の)法令条例〔違反すると罰金を取られる類の規則〕

surcharge 追加料金vt 追加料金を課す


pitfall とし

- A possible pitfall for high school seniors is not working hard after they know they've already been accepted into college.


pseudo- [米 súːdoʊ | 英 súːdəʊ or sjúː-] 〔複合語にする〕の、まがいものの、真似た


rapport [ræpɔ́ːr]《仏語より》ラポール〔教師と生徒やその親、医者と患者、管理者と労働者、話者と聴講者など、特に立場の違う個人やグループの間に築かれる調和のとれた深い理解と友愛と信頼の関係(参考:rapport - Dictionary Definition : Vocabulary.com)〕


rationale [ˌræʃəˈnæl]《正式》[+ of/for/behind] 基本、根拠、理屈、理由 - They're trying to mask their economic rationale with a pseudo-scientific rationale, which in our view does not hold up to scrutiny. (Globe and Mail, 2003)


regimen [rédʒɪmən] 養生法、食事や運動など主に健康促進メニュー、また普段の生活の決まった手順 =regime


sewage [sú:ɪdʒ] n 下水 


whack《俗語》 n 強打、強打する音 v 1強打する

out of whack [wæk] = out of kilter = off-kilter