My Favorite Things

趣味のなんでもコレクション  ラジオから流れてきた、どこかで聞き覚えのあるメロディ、なじみ深い作品や目新しい印象的な楽章など…



arrive at the station / in Israel / on the scene (BUT arrive home / there)

come to the park (BUT come home / there)

get to downtown (BUT get home / there)

reach the top / an agreement / you  



look at/see as B

think of as B - We think of it as necessary/(a necessity).

judge/view/rate as B

2 regardas B - We regard it as necessary/(a necessity).

3 consider A B [svoc] - We consider it necessary/(a necessity).〔目的語+目的格補語〕

estimate as B

assess as B

7 deem A B [svoc] - We deem it necessary/(a necessity).

7 reckon A as B 

gouge as B


6 attribute A to B

8 ascribe A to B

3 credit A to B(credit B with A)

refer to A as B AをBと呼ぶ


2 blame A (for B) 

hold/consider A responsible/accountable (for B) 

find/consider A guilty (for B)

4 accuse A (of B)  - They stand accused of crimes.

5 condemne A (for B) 

5 assign fault/liability/guilt to A (for B)

7 reproach A (for B) 



1 hold A back/up

2 prevent A (from B)

7 hinder A (from B)

8 foil A (in B)

8 inhibit A (from B)

9 obstruct A 

10 hamper A (by C)

10 retard A 

11 balk A (of B) 

11 impede A 

11 thwart A (in B)


AをBから分かつ =separate A from B

ridof B - rid the town of crime

strip A of B - They stripped the slaves of their dignity. (M-W)

depriveof B - being deprived of sleep

9 pry A from- He prised (=pried) her fingers from the bag and took it from her. (Oxf)


break into A 〔Aに侵入する〕

hold up A 〔Aに銃を持って侵入する〕

steal (B (from A)) 〔((Aから)Bを)盗む〕(=rob B from A)

rob A of B〔Aを略奪してBを奪う〕deprive の意味にも使う

cheat A out of B - Hcheated me out of 20 dollars / a fair deal.

raid A Aを略奪する

10 loot A  Aを略奪する

10 plunder A  Aを略奪する

12 pillage A Aを略奪する

12 swindle A out of BAを騙してBを奪う〕

n/a defraude A of BAを騙してBを奪う〕




look (high and low) for

fish (around/about) for A 〔気づかれないようにして求める意味〕

hunt for A〔hunt A だと狩りの意で捕まえて酷い目に合わせる意〕

search for A 〔search A だとA自体を探る意味〕- search for it on Google

seek ( for) A 

12 forage for A〔特に手作業で探す意〕



add up to A 

make up A

account for A

amount to A 

form A

compose A

constitute A 〔linking verb と捉えるとAは補語〕



be A

be regarded as A

constitute A

be equivalent to A

embody A

n/a be tantamount to A



name A ((as) B)〔svoo可〕

appoint A ((as) B)〔svoo可〕

elect A ((as) B)〔svoo可〕

commission A (as B) 〔svoo可〕

constitute A (to do sth)

install A as B 〔svoo可〕

designate A ((as) B)〔svoo〕[dézɪɡneɪt]

10 inaugurate A (as B) 〔svoo可〕



satisfy A of B

assure A of B

convince A of B

persuade A of B


because =as =since =for (literary)

in view of the fact that

owing to the fact that

seeing that / as

inasmuch as (formal) conj.


because of 

on account of (informal)

by reason of (formal)


about =on =re [rei]

concerning / regarding / respecting

referring / relating / relevant to

with respect / regard / reference to

dealing / connected with

in connection with

on the subject of

in the matter of

touching on