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account の慣用句と例文

on account of sb/sth の理由で

on this / that account《正式》以上の理由で

by / from all accounts (=according to what others say).

of no / little account重要性、結果、価値

to turn sth to account〔利益、強味〕- She turned her writing skills to good account.

on someone's account (=behalf)

- Don't do it on my account. 勝手に代わりにしないでください

on one's account (=part)

take into account sth / take into sth account 考慮する - The company takes account of environmental issues wherever possible. - Coursework is taken into account as well as exam results. - The defendant asked for a number of other offenses to be taken into account.

- He gave a bad account of himself in the exam. (= performed badly)《英》

- they transferred their publicity account to a new agent〔委託業務〕

- Our anti-aircraft guns accounted for five enemy bombers.