My Favorite Things

趣味のなんでもコレクション  ラジオから流れてきた、どこかで聞き覚えのあるメロディ、なじみ深い作品や目新しい印象的な楽章など…


- Get your boss engaged in your success,… (Shortcut to Promotion, Spicus)
- Even in prison, he continued to engage in criminal activities.
- I've engaged a table at an Italian restaurant.〔※予約時には"I'd like to reserve a room" などreserveが普通〕
- … hereby engages to abstain from every manner of ... (1876)
- He is engaged to Mary. 〔※このengagedは形容詞とも考えられる〕
- They are engaged to be married
- Engage the clutch when you release the clutch pedal.
- The cogwheels/gears are not engaging.
- The major project which currently engages most of my time and attention … (White House Conference on the Humanities, 1978) 〔(物事が時間などを)要する〕
- It is a movie that engages both the mind and the eye.
- Her innocence engaged him.
- Their pleas failed to engage any sympathy.
- Designing something engages me for hours.
- They engaged a consultant to review their business plan.
- We will have to engage the services of a translator.
- He regretted that US President Barack Obama had not personally engaged himself to deal with the Afghan crisis, ... (Daily Times, 2016)〔《再帰》取り組む〕
- We have engaged the enemy.
- The armies engaged at dawn.

engage with に関与する、関わる
- …is found to have the ability to engage with young minds. (John Spink, 1989)
- The United States will also be engaging with the Trans-Pacific Partnership countries… (Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States, 2009)

>> engaged adj. 予約済みの(部屋・席など)/使用中の/最中の

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