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趣味のなんでもコレクション  ラジオから流れてきた、どこかで聞き覚えのあるメロディ、なじみ深い作品や目新しい印象的な楽章など…

as の副詞・前置詞の例

副詞の例:〔《口語》=like(like は前置詞)〕

- As always, he said little.

- The 'h' in honest is silent, as in hour.

- it tasted like grape juice but not as sweet〔not as ~ そんなに~〕



- as water to fish 魚に水のように 〔=like〕

- The risk is as nothing compared to the gain.〔=like〕

- I say this as your friend.〔として〕

- My previous job was as a waiter.〔として〕

- as president〔として〕〔役柄、役職名は無冠詞〕

- a city facility, as a library (=such as)〔=like〕

- A principle applied to them as to everyone else.