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趣味のなんでもコレクション  ラジオから流れてきた、どこかで聞き覚えのあるメロディ、なじみ深い作品や目新しい印象的な楽章など…


n. (地面、水底、グラウンド、床、絵画などの下地、敷地内の庭 etc.)/(話題・専門などの)域、分野/〔通常、複数形〕基礎、基盤、地歩/〔通常、複数形〕根拠、原因/〔複数形〕液体の底の沈殿物/《電気》接地;アース端子
vt. groundに置く・着ける・留める、着陸・着地する/基づく/基礎を教える/《電気》接地する

・ an open ground (空き地)
・ ground zero (爆心地)
・ ground shipping ((航空便に対して)普通宅配便)
・ common ground (合意点)

・ break new ground
"In its technical complexity, the Montreal-based circus claims to have *broken new ground* in incorporating slippery, soaking torrents of water as ... " (, Jun 11, 2016)

・ He learned the family business from the ground up. [from the ground up 更地から、最初から]

・ He objected to the proposal on the grounds that it's ... [on the grounds that という根拠で]異議を唱えた

・ ... the plot runs in circles, covering over and over again *the same ground* of whether or not characters can be trusted or ... (Review: 'The Nut Job', Palo Alto Online, 2014) [the same ground 同じ領域]

・ on the ground 現場で、その地で
・ gain ground 優勢になる ⇔ lose ground

・ Her argument was grounded in fact.
・ Get yourself grounded and you can navigate even the stormiest roads in peace. (Steve Goodier, 2002)